The Artians By Konstantina Lookbook

One wintery rainy Saturday morning the scheduled photographing of the “Helix” collection of The Artians by Konstantina took place in the heart of Athens.
The location was not chosen at random since it has been a point where the most well dressed women of Athens holding their silk umbrellas promenaded.
In the 1920s in this setting chariots were coming and going carrying these classy women to the most popular and upper class parties.
The place is no other than the famous Megaron Hypatia opposite the National Archaeological Museum.
In a magical and luxurious Parisian style background, using many of its “work of art ” rooms and especially the cigar room, the first ever in Greece , Nikos Psathoyiannakis and Thanasis Karras, his assistant, captured the essence of the winter collection named “Helix”.
The pictures and clothes speak for themselves. Polina Kampisopoulou , the stylist of the brand was of course present.
As well as Ilias Bourdalas who is officially a business partner and strategy consultant of the brand.

Photographer: Nikos Psathoyiannakis
Back Stage: Thanasis Karras
Hair & Make up: Anna Kyrani
Stylist: Polina K.
Model: Konstantina
Place: Megaro Hypatia, Athens

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