Rudy & Christina – Wedding In Mykonos

Finding your soulmate is similar to having the best co-driver for a trip. Mutual understanding and respect are high valued principals, necessary for carrying on the long journey of a couple’s new, in common, life.

After travelling throughout the world, Christina and Rudy decided to have one more romantic walk, in the magnificent island of Mykonos, to bond their lives in front of relatives and close friends. Sunset Villa was the chosen place, where blue sky and sea merge in a way absolutely symbolic for the couples wedding moments.

The team of Twelve Events prepared the place in a dreamy way, making the whole mood of the Villa chic and at the same time comfortable and familiar, while the sounds and light selections of Christos Nikas’ Showtime team have been ambient where needed, and absolutely uplifting when then party started.

We have been truly happy to witness Christina and Rudy’s wedding in Mykonos, where the ruling white colour matched perfectly with the smoothness and clarity of Christina’s character, while the dominant blue sea reflected the loyalty and peace in Rudy’s look.

All I can wish you is never let that smile when you look each other fade away.

Thank you..

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Photographer: Nikos Psathoyiannakis
Second Photographer: Thanasis Karras

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