“Not a girl anymore”


Could a hug have a name?
A given title like the ones on paintings..
I think that there are emotions or human moves that have this certain weight that could
have their own special name or tagline.
I think about lots of names while looking Alkistis in this photograph.
It gives me this feeling like someone pressed a pause button in her life’s timeline.
The moment – the milestone – the journey that’s about to begin.
So my mind comes up with thoughts about how could this warm hug be named.
“Last day as a single girl” //  “Thank you for all your support till now” // “Not a girl anymore” .
Truth is, that such hugs may never be the same.
Innocence of the youth will give its place to the mature and beautiful woman we met in Hydra island.
Andreas and Alkistis started their journey in this classy place.
So different but so much the same.
Andreas – a man of the Navy – formal and upright, surrounded by his fellow colleagues, totally moved by his future wife’s emotions.
Alkistis had her eyes wet all the way till she found the man she chose to become her co-driver in the moments to come.

Their wedding in Hydra was very touching for us too.
Its what’s left after every place we visit.
We return home with our luggage full of memories and emotions.
We witness the happiness – we become part of it.
After all, keeping moments in time is what we decided to do.
So, we do it.
Thank you for your trust, once again.

Photo credits: Nikos Psathoyiannakis
Writing: Thanasis Karras

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