Can’t wait for this day to come

Where should someone find all the patience needed for the big day to come.
There’s often this beautiful anxiety – not for the photoshooting – but all these couples preparing their wedding months before, transmit huge amounts of positive energy and impatience.
They are straining at the leash to have their ceremony, the party with all those loved ones, to start their new – common – life.

As wedding photographers, we usually find the so called “wedding details” waiting for us.
But the real thing is that “details” is just a word used to specify items like wedding rings, shoes, dresses.
This is far from reality..

How would a couple feel about all these when they start preparing their big day?
I guess it’s like living a future moment in past tense.
Imagination is something that cannot be stopped so I suppose the feelings of a bride to be must be thrilling, in a good way.
This is what makes engagement photoshootings something really special.
You experience feelings that are about to come (about has a pretty relative meaning).

So I’m looking Marisa and Paaris in that photo.
They are facing the city of Dubai after their engagement session is done.
This is their first step towards the life they are building together.
The bridge to this life has that soft, warm color which reflects their emotions for each other and opposite to them, huge skyscrapers, cold steel and concrete, like misfortunes we all have to overcome in our everyday way to happiness.
But, as long as those two hands hold together, mountains will become dust, obstacles will become just another challenge.

Anxiety will be over with their wedding in Paros.
Everything else will start at the same place.
The best of our dreams, are those which come true..


Photo credits: Nikos Psathoyiannakis
Writing: Thanasis Karras

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