Ever since I was a young boy, I remember myself always being intrigued by people’s emotions.
I’ve always loved the plot between human relationships and liked observing from a distance how situations take place in front of my eyes.
Although I was a man of few words, stories about characters and scenes were often created in my imagination, like in a movie, something that later drove me to my huge passion, cinema and theatre.
I guess the need to keep all this emotion alive, not only in time but in my mind too, led me to photography, the way I found to capture all the information that my eyes were filtering.
And that’s what I still love to do. Keeping moments in time. As they happened.
As I lived them. Unique, as every moment deserves to be kept.

Assistant Photographer

Still searching the deeps of human nature.
I've always loved stories were people are moved by their heart, either from bravery, or just because of pure passion.
I can laugh as easily as I can cry.
Always try not to forget the simplicity of things, how everyone's life has it's own, unique grace. I believe images can narrate things the same way spoken words do.
So I sing with my guitar, I write with my typewriter..So I shoot. I have the need for stories that have to be told.


About Nikos Psathoyiannakis